Imagine, Believe, Create

Your FEARS and your EXCUSES are the two biggest weapons your ego has to stop you becoming who you want to be and creating the life you want to live. All of the fears and lies have two things in common

 1) They are entirely designed to resist what is unfamiliar. Your ego knows you have survived the familiar and so it thinks your safe there.

2) These are ILLUSIONS, designed to create ever more limits on your life and to keep you stuck.

The key to winning the battle for your mind is AWARENESS of the tricks your ego uses.

Every time  I feel an impulse to play small , to return to the familiar, I slow down and observe what my ego is doing.

I shine a very bright light on the fears and excuses my ego gives me and I examine weather they have any value for me at all.

I recognize the TRUTH that taking intelligent risks is part of the journey to my Dream life and that not taking intelligent risks is the biggest risk of all that simply guarantees I will not live the life I desire.

I recognize that the process for silencing my ego is to make the new FAMILIAR and the old UNFAMILIAR so that my new default comfort zone is bigger, better and brighter than before.

Soon enough , My Dream Life of Constant Growth, Adventure, Love, Joy, Gratitude, Grace, Abundance, Peace, Freedom, Becomes My Comfort Zone.

This is how you defeat the fears and excuses your ego will throw at you

Using Usui Method of Natural Healing REIKI


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