Thank you! Best Life Coach/Cheerleader, Inspirational 

Speaker Ever.

-5/6/16-Sara H.- San Antonio, TX 

To say that Patrick has changed my life would be an understatement. His intuitive ability to know just when you need him is amazing. From the enlightening walks, to the numerous text messages with the perfect message at the perfect time to lift your spirit encourage, and educate you to the next level of your progress. With knowledge and constant support he has guided me on my journey with a bright light  I knew I was never alone in the dark.I will forever cherish my moments with him and be eternally grateful for he has shared with me on my path. LOVE  

8/3/16-Miki M.-Lake Placid,NY

Patrick is living proof of what he coaches. I met him as a colleague and possible friend. The compelling draw to seek him out, a while back is not easy to explain. I had an issue causing severe unhappiness and I sought advice or support… I don't quite know but every time we speak my motivation, energy, and level and happiness are increased as if I see them visually right before me and I know exactly what I need to do to attain not only what keeps me together but actually offers me the best life I have everyday. I sometimes feel like I need a dose of Patrick, because I know he will help me see what I need-what I already know- What I am scared to pursue but then,that fear is gone. Unlike most people in a helping others profession-Patrick doesn't make me dependent on him. He shows me my independence and how to break through my own resistance and comfort levels in the chaos to step into peace.My mind clears and I realize, I do not need to feel anything but happiness and pleasure and pride.Thank you Patrick!
I encourage anyone looking for answers-no matter what they are to reach out to him. I absolutely know he is a helper in the universe.

8/7/16-Nancy L.-Ohio

Patrick  is my life hood friend . He is continually evolving and his intention is to help where and if he can. He deeply wants to share his understanding and experience with others, just so they may get a glimpse of freedom as well and then therefore pass that forward. His evolution has been an honor to witness.

 9/1/16- Bridget N.-Bristol, VT

Thank you for bringing me back and waking me up!

9/30/16-Edite B.-Lake Placid,NY

You are A-Freaking-mazing, Don't look in Websters...Just trust me.

12/17/16-Bea H. -Lake Placid,NY

​​​Your totally Batman. A heart with wings. A heart that came when I needed help- helped me tune in-with your bat ears and helped me tune into the things I hadn't spoken-but came out from the shadows and gave some light. You helped me stretch my own heart wings to listen. Batman he gives your heart wings! Thank you.

1/19/17-Christina W.- Lake Placid , NY. 

Happy Thankful Thursday my sweet friends!  I was working on a project yesterday that was very near and dear to my heart when my cell phone chimed in that I had a new message.  It was from my dear friend Patrick and it was the above quote from Robert Collier. I squealed with delight as I felt the magnetism of possibility.  Throughout the week, Patrick will send along an inspirational quote or message and it always seems like it arrives at precisely the right moment.

4/7/16- Sarah D.-Libson, Ohio

Reiki with patrick was so relaxing, it made my tense body and consstantly running mind unwind into a peaceful bliss of calmness. Its truly amazing the work that can be done just though the transferring of energy . Highly recommended!

6/12/17-Jocelyn L.-Canton, NY

When I met Patrick, I was on a journey through very testing times in my life. I felt guided only by my heart. After a few months of working with Patrick , i learned invaluable words what I have and can continue to do living life to the fullest with no regrets. Everyone has their way of Shining !

7/2017-Tanner T-Ketchikan, Alaska- Now- Havasu, AZ

Energy Coaching and Reiki Healing from Patrick is Life -Changing!!! One conversation with him gets your inner energy going and your mind thinking on another level. We did so much needed Energy Coaching first , then we went on to my first Reiki session. I cant express in words the explosion of healing and energy I recieved . I am very Lucky!!! Patrick's Coaching and healing are a GIFT!  I wish everyone could have the experience! 

2/23/18 -Michelle W.-Akwesasne